Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rest of Corbett Trip

Day 3 in Corbett started with a elephant ride at 6AM. All four of us rode and the first little while was fine. About 45 minutes in, the elephant started misbehaving and the saddle shifted a bit. At that point, we told the "driver" to go back, he said "ok, no problem" and turned the elephant around. We thought we were heading back, but as it turned out, he just took us to a different path. We were quite relieved to get back to the rode. At the end, he jumped off the elephant and asked for a camera. He took several pictures, but then backed away from the elephant. We were all ready to be done.

The rest of the day was fairly relaxing. We drove up to Corbett Falls which is about 35 kms from Tiger Camp (we were all very tired of riding in cars and anticipating the 6 hr drive the next day, so we don't think we would have gone there if we'd known ahead of time how far it was). Once we got there, it was beautiful and the views along the way were great.

On the drive back, the drive stopped the car and reached back for Colin and said to take off his shoes. We weren't sure what he was doing. Then, he pulled Colin onto his lap and had Colin drive back!!!! We were a little shocked and again, lost in translation, he ended steering the car for quite a while. Now understand, that there are very few traffic laws in India, traffic drives on the opposite as the US and people walk right along the road. When Michelle said "Enough", the driver just said, "OK, no problem" and Colin kept driving. Thankfully we all made it home safely!!

Back at Tiger Camp, we took a walk to the river that runs behind the camp. One of the laundry people walked back with us and signaled to another worker to bring something. The other guy brought over a bag of bait and started throwing it into the river. There were HUGE mansheer fish that blended into the rocks on the river bottom. They swarmed the food and jumped to the surface. Colin LOVED watching them and hadn't realized that the fish were there at first.

(I'll try to add pictures later, so check back again for pics -internet still spotty in this hotel)

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