Sunday, November 15, 2009

On to Calcutta

Well, we have made it to Calcutta and we're picking up Keira today. I'll try to post updates in small batches to catch up what we've done so far as the internet can be a bit spotty.

The flight here was VERY long, but we made it and were quite glad to land. We spent the night in a little hotel that if in the states would have been easily mistaken as an hourly place. But, there its considered a 3-star hotel. We was fine to just have somewhere to sleep for a few hours before heading northeast to John Corbett National Park.

We woke up about 4:30AM on the 12th and met our driver at about 5:45AM to drive 6 hrs up to Corbett to Tiger Camp. We were glad to leave that early before traffic got too bad. But, traffic here is always crazy as there really aren't traffic laws. The line in the center of the road is more of a suggestion than a guideline for people to stay on their own sides of the road. Cars pass 3-wide and zip around. It really is a constant game of chicken when on the roads.

More to come...

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  1. Thanks for the update!! I'm so excited for you guys today!!