Thursday, October 14, 2010

Less than a week

This time next week, I'll be sitting at a cafe in Paris saying (slowly and stuttered), "je voudrais une cafe au late, s'il vous plait!"  I can't wait.  Although, I honestly should be brushing up on my French.  I don't want to be a stereo-typical American tourist who expects that everyone will speak English.  I'll work on that this week before I leave (and on the plane over the pond).

I get to stay with a friend and have my own personal guide to Paris.  She's lived there for several years, is fluent in French, and knows a lot of people/places.  I'm honestly most excited about getting to spend time with her and seeing her world.  I know that this will be better than any trip I would be doing alone.  Other than attending the wedding of a friend of hers, I have no definite plans for this trip.  So, with it being almost completely up-in-the-air, it should be truly relaxing and enjoyable for a vacation.  (I'll likely come back wishing I had stayed longer)

And something else I'm contemplating...expanding my blog.  I have future plans in the works that I think are going to be quite an adventure.  So, my blog name is appropriate.  My life journey will be an adventure. I'm still just thinking about it.  Sometimes in everyday life, things seem boring to me, but when I think back, I realize it's still pretty exciting and bit out of the ordinary for quite a few people.  So, I may be doing more posting and expanding topics away from just my travels.  So, come back (and to those just stopping by, welcome)!

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