Friday, October 30, 2009

Still no passport

The passport office in Calcutta is having computer issues, so Keira's passport is still not issued. We're praying REALLY hard that it gets done next week. The timeframe for passports being issued used to be about 2 weeks (which would have been the end of Sept). Rod & Michelle's caseworker told them in mid-Sept that due to delays, expect about 6 weeks (which was Friday, Oct 23rd). So, we're now done with week 7 of waiting for the passport and are REALLY, REALLY hoping that their systems are up and running and they can get it done ASAP on Tuesday (Monday's an Indian holiday so that office is closed).

Someone from the orphanage has been going to the office daily to check on getting these finished. They're even asking for the passports to be done manually or for the documentation to be sent to another office for processing. Both requests are being refused. :(

Please pray, we're all ready to go and are tired of waiting.

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